About Us

Mel is the founder and proud owner of White Lux. She currently resides in Kurrajong, Sydney with her partner and their little dog Peanut.
Currently, Mel works full time in medical field.
Outside of the office however, she spends most of her time either fulfilling your orders or in the kitchen trying to perfect and master the skill of cooking. Did you know she makes THE BEST cob loaf?
Fuelled by ambition, Mel hopes to continue to grow White Lux, with aspirations of seeing her products sold at markets or better yet, in stores.
Mels devotion to White Lux is astonishing and with a passion and desire like hers, we’re super excited to see what else is to come from her. This is only the beginning for us here at White Lux and so we hope you can join us on what is going to be a wonderful and spectacular journey.