Are your products tested on animals?

No. None of our products are tested on animals.

Do I need to trim my candle wicks?

Yes. As the wax level drops, the wicks effectively become more extended, so we advise that you trim the wicks to 7mm and ensure they're upright before each new burn.

Why is there a black residue forming around the rim of my candle jar?

A candlewick requires trimming between burns or if the candle has been burning continuously for two or more hours. The wicks should be cut to about 7mm from the wax, only then will the candle stop emitting carbon - the black residue. If there is black residue on the glass of your candle jar, use a dry piece of paper towel to wipe clean.
What type of payments do you accept and are they secure?

We accept PayPal and Credit card.
Our payments go through a secure service called Square and our site is secured with SSL throughout.

Can I use your candles outdoors?
Our candles are primarily designed for indoor use. If you choose to use them outdoors, please ensure they're in a sheltered area away from wind and direct sunlight.
Are your candles vegan-friendly?
Yes, all our candles are vegan-friendly. We use plant-based waxes and natural ingredients.
What is the best way to extinguish a candle?
The safest way to extinguish a candle is by using a snuffer or gently blowing it out. Avoid using water as it can cause hot wax to splatter
What should I do if my candle starts tunneling?
To avoid tunneling, make sure the first burn allows the wax to melt to the edges of the jar. If tunneling occurs, gently heat the top layer of the wax to even it out.
Do you offer custom scents or personalized candles?
Currently, we do not offer custom scents or personalization, but we're always expanding our product range, so stay tuned!
How should I store my candles when not in use?
Store your candles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent warping and discoloration.
Is it safe to leave a candle burning unattended?
Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always extinguish candles before leaving a room or going to bed.
What happens if my product comes broken?

Please send us a photo of the broken items at and will review on a case by case basis.